Freshpress Signature Dressings

Introducing Freshpress Signature Dressings, Available online

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Introducing Freshpress Whey Vanilla Protein 75% Protein

The Freshpress philosophy

At Freshpress, our mission is simple. We strive to bring you the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food in New Zealand. How?

By sourcing the best fruit, veges, and ingredients from around New Zealand and putting them together the traditional way.

That means no preservatives, no additives, and no other added nastiness. Everything we make down at the Freshpress kitchen and juicery is hand-crafted (with a little help from some modern technology) in made-to-order quantities by our small team in our grade A commercial kitchen.

This means we waste less, and that we personally oversee everything that goes into our products to make sure that it’s fresh. 


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Freshpress Signature Dressings

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