Bottled Juice. The way it was meant to be.

Evolution, it’s a beautiful thing. 

We’ve taken nearly half a kilo of fresh, locally sourced fruit and veg, cold-pressed and bottled it to produce our Freshpress range of raw juice. Why cold-pressed? It ensures that there’s no oxidation, so the juice stays pure and alive, keeping the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and nutrients intact. While this process isn’t easy, we believe the end result is the purest bottled juice in New Zealand.

It’s not an option for our customers to be sitting around waiting an eternity for their juice. So we cold-press off site, bottle it, seal it and deliver it to our stores daily, so you can literally grab and go, job done.

At Tank, we’ve always believed wellness shouldn’t be limited to a select few, we want to challenge the idea that good health has to be time consuming or hard work, it’s not. 

No preservatives, no additives & no added water. Pure unpasteurised, raw juice, the way it was meant to be.